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DAT & Recording Equipment
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Core Sound
Terrapin Tapes
Oade Brothers
Sonic Sense
Masterpiece A/V, Inc.
Klay Anderson Audio
The Sound Professionals
Sonic Studios

Microphone & DAT FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions)
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DAT - HEADS Microphone FAQ
Oade Bros. Microphone FAQ
UCSU Microphone FAQ
Columbia U. Microphone Resources
Josephson Microphone Resources

Other Resources
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Blue Note Records (Soulive, Karl Denson, etc.)
House of Blues
DAT-Heads Market Posting(Seth Breidbart)
Graham-Patten DMIC-20 Pre-Amp External Battery -- How to build a Battery pack for a Graham-Patten DMIC-20 Pre-Amp.
Sony M-1 & D-100 Battery Pack -- How to build a long lasting external Battery pack for a Sony M-1 or D-100 portable DAT deck.
Matthew Heydman's DAT Page
-- DAT Resources, plus instructions how to build a Battery pack for a Sony D-8 or D-7 portable DAT deck.
This page is a resource which helped me with my Sony M-1 Battery pack.

Bands That Allow Taping(Kurt Kemp)
Pause Record(Online Music Magazine)
The Taper's Section
The Sony D7/D8 Resource Guide
MacRonin: DAT Tapes

Phish Related Pages
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The Phish Net
Andy Gadiel's Phish Page
Uncle Penn's Phish Stickers(and Photos too!)
ZZYZX's Phish Stats
Pharmer's Almanac
Phunky Bitches
CK5, For Better Phish
People for a Louder Mike

Groovin' Bands/Musicians
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Festivals and Tours
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JAMBANDS.COM (Current & Upcoming Shows) Festival Links
Homegrown Music Festivals & Other Events
Bill Graham Presents
Gathering of the Vibes
Festival Finder
POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
MerleFest Celebration
Further Festival
Walther Productions Presents
Productions Plus Presents
Magnolia Music & Events, Inc.(Live Oak, Florida)
Tour Tracker

Tape Trading
(Back to top) -- Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, God Street Wine, Allman Brothers Band, Rusted Root, Blues Traveler,(e:)verything, moe., Leftover Salmon...Make great tape trades, new friends and Post Your Tape List at!
Tape Trader Network
Tape Trader's Corner
Taper's Domain
Phish Trading
Resources for Tape Traders - DAT Exchange

Mailing Lists
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Team MG(Microtech Gefell)
Team Neumann
Team AKG
Allman Bros Mailing List
Derek Trucks
Disco Biscuits
Jazz Mandolin Project
Medeski Martin and Wood
Digital Panic
Benjy's Digest - Moderated Digests
Digital Phish
Phish-News Mailing List - Phish News from the
String Cheese Incident - "The IncidentaList"

Tape Trees
(Back to top) Trader Hubs and Trees
Traders for a Better Tomorrow
Taper's Section Trees
DooDah Trees
NateDawg's Tape Trees
Phish - Operation Every Show
Oade Brothers Tape Trees - The Treehouse
The String Cheese Incident Forest(Tape Trees)
The Turtle Tree

CD-R Trading
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CDr Trading Web Ring
People for a Clearer Phish
Phish CD-R Trading

(Back to top) Setlist Links

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MP3 & Real Audio Music
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Sugar Megs(Live Phish, Dead, etc. RA, MP3, VQF)
Phish Mp3's & Real Audio FTP List
Phish-Europe 97'
Dead Radio
Grateful Radio(The Other Ones RA)
Dead Show(RA)
A Dose of the Dead
Digital Dead Music(downloadable RA files)
Widespread Panic-The Sandbox

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