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Below are a couple of sites where you can download Tape/CD Labeling Software, as well as Tape/CD Covers to download.

*Note: To save the downloadable images, select "File|Save As", after the Cover is displayed, or right-click on the image or link and select "Save As".

Tape/CD Labeling Software

Case Linr DAT & Analog Cassette Labeler

Win Taper DAT & Analog Cassette Labeler

Downloadable CD Tape Covers CD-R Cover Links

String Cheese Incident CD-R Cover Links

Downloadable Analog Tape Covers Analog Cover Links

Java Cassette Labeler


Phish1 Phish2 Phish3 Phish4 Phish5 Phish6

These Covers are originally from an MS Word Template. You can download some Phish covers in MS Word format here.

You will have to have a decompression utility, such as winzip or pkunzip, to unzip the file.

Grateful Dead

Gdead1 Gdead2 Gdead3 Gdead4

Widespread Panic


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