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Here's some various Music related Software for recording sound files, making tape labels, etc. It's all for the Windows 95 OS. Sorry, MAC users! I hold no responsibility for this software and will not provide any technical support for these programs. Enjoy!

1. Cool Edit

Cool Edit is a digital sound editor for Windows. You might think of it as a paint program for audio- just as a paint program enables you to create images with colors, brush strokes, and a variety of special effects, Cool Edit enables you to "paint" with sound: tones, pieces of songs and voices and miscellaneous noises, sine waves and sawtooth waves, noise, or just pure silence. It allows you to create formats, such as Real Audio(.ra), .wav, .aif, and .au. It can be used to convert a 48 KHZ signal to 44.1 KHZ for CDR Burning.

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c96setup.exe Syntrillium Software

2. Winamp

Winamp is a program which allows you to listen to High Quality MP3 sound files.

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Download Site Winamp Home Page

3. CaseLinr

CaseLinr is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows 95 application which prints and saves liners (J-cards) for conventional and DAT audio cassette boxes. Fussy audiophiles can now enjoy ultimate control over typefaces, fold lines, and annotation styles and view an on-screen WYSIWYG version of the liner before printing. The program can save multiple label formats and import bitmap graphics.

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4. Win Taper

WinTaper is designed to make your live tape collection fun and easy to manage. As both a database and tape label generator, WinTaper handles the many tedious tasks of maintaining a tape list - quickly and efficiently. With WinTaper you can add, edit or delete a tape with a few clicks. You can sort your list by data field. WinTaper can print your tape list, save it as an ASCII file, copy it to the clipboard for pasting into your favorite windows application, or create HTML versions of your data for posting onto the Worldwide Web. Individual tapes may be copied via the clipboard to another running instance of WinTaper. Jam Codes, a WinTaper exclusive, handle not only the traditional "arrows" (indicating a segue) but also other information such as cut songs, reprise's, encores, special notes, and more. In addition, Jam Codes provide a handy way of formatting tape labels.

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Download Site Win Taper Home Page

5. MP3 Compressor

MP3 Compressor, is a STANDALONE 32bit program for compressing audio files with MPEG Layer 3 on Windows 95 3 Times Faster than previous DOS program ! This program should work on WinNT but has not been tested on this platform. MPEG Layer 3 is a efficient coding technique that produce a great data reduction on audio data. With a 44100Hz frequency coding, the original sound data from a audio CD is skrink down by a factor 12 without losing sound quality.


6. Real Audio

Instantly plays live and on-demand RealAudio, RealVideo, and RealFlash animation, co-developed by Macromedia and RealNetworks.

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Real Audio Home Page

7. Sound Forge

Sound Forge has been upgraded to version 4.5. It is recognized as an industry standard for audio editing on the Windows platform. As Sonic Foundry’s most comprehensive digital audio editor, it contains a wide range of audio processes, tools and effects for manipulating audio. It can be used to convert a 48 KHZ signal to 44.1 KHZ for CDR Burning.

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Sound Forge 4.5

8. Music Match Juke Box 2.12

An easy way to create MP3's! Just put a music CD in your CD-ROM drive, select the tracks you want to record, and click "start". Tracks are digitally extracted and MP3-encoded at speeds up to 5x faster than normal play time - without ever making an intermediate WAV file. MusicMatch Jukebox uses the state-of-the-art Xing MPEG encoding technology, previously available only in commercial configurations for multimedia professionals, and supports the Intel MMX commands set for lightning fast MP3 encoding.

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Version 2.12

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